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Energy Efficiency & Security

Energy Efficiency & Security
From both and economical and environmental point, insulation your home has never been more important.  An AluZinc Roof is just as dependable as traditional roof materials when it comes to keeping the heat in during the winter and helping you to keep your energy costs down.
During the summer, an AluZinc Roof will keep the temperature of your home down, despite external temperatures, as each AluZinc profile stores less heat than a thicker slate or clay tile. This enables heat to dissipate faster.  On a flip side an AluZinc Roof will also do the reverse.
U Values
The U value is the measurement of heat transmission through a material or assembly of materials.  The U value of a material is a gauge on how well heat passes through the material and the lower the u value, the greater the resistance to heat and therefore has a better insulation value.
Current building regulations state that the U value of heat transmission through a material or assembly of materials should be a minimum if 2.6W/m2K (watts per metre squared Kelvin).  An Aluzinc Roofing System gives you an approximate U value of 0.65 Wm2K
When purchasing a conservatory customers are advised to spend extra on top quality locking systems for their conservatory windows and doors to ensure extra security.  Whilst this may not always be a bad decision it is not often considered that the easiest way for an intruder to gain access would be through the poly carbonate or even glass conservatory roof.  Here at Conservatory Roof Solutions we eliminate that aspect with our AluZinc Roofing System, which is one of the most secure systems around to date.

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